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The Ultimate POS Solution
The Write-On Handheld™ relies on handwriting recognition to create a POS system that can be used as easily as a pencil and pad. As soon as you see a demo of the Write-On Handheld you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. The Write-On Handheld is so easy and intuitive that waiters can quickly jot down an order – just as they have always done – and send it to the kitchen with a quick tap of their stylus. There’s no need to visit a fixed POS station and process the order a second time, and no need to check with the kitchen to see if an item is sold out.

As the only handheld POS system that relies on handwriting recognition, the Write-On Handheld is also the ONLY handheld POS system that really works at tableside. By moving beyond the POS/cash register paradigm, the Write-On Handheld has become a practical customer service tool. Servers aren’t forced to interrupt their customers to navigate through endless screens of tiny touchbuttons. And customers appreciate getting quick answers to questions they may have about today’s specials, the wine list, or whether a particular recipe includes nuts.

The Write-On Handheld keeps servers on the floor to offer a second round of drinks or today’s special dessert just when the customer wants it – and guarantees increased sales through improved service. At the same time, labor costs are reduced because fewer servers can handle more tables at a time.

Servers - If your staff can write, they can learn to use the Write-On Handheld in under 15 minutes. And they’ll love it because it means less running, better service – and better tips!

Managers - Walk around with the Write-On Handheld in your pocket. From anywhere in the establishment you can access most every POS function and backoffice report. You can comp or discount items, receive overtime alerts, print checks for waiting customers, check real-time sales and labor reports, and much more.

Quick Service - The Write-On Handheld is the ideal “line-busting” tool to complement when the lines get long at the cashier stations.