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  Efficient POS Solutions for Delivery Businesses
Restaurant Manager™ DeliveryService was specially designed for home delivery businesses like yours. While it can be seamlessly integrated with other Restaurant Manager modules for managing table service or carry-out business, DeliveryService covers all the bases that make your business so different from other restaurants – from Caller ID and Last Order Recall to driving directions and money drops, Restaurant Manager does it all.

Whether employees are manning the phones, working the counter, preparing orders or expediting delivery, they use intuitive POS screens tailored to prompt them through their specific job tasks quickly and accurately. Orders are labeled with the customer’s name and phone number at the call station, labeled with the elapsed time at the expediter’s station, and labeled with address and map code at the driver station. You can even filter orders by station, by processing stages, by driver, etc. So it’s easy to recall and edit orders. And the “alarm” feature instantly identifies all orders that aren’t prepared and out the door within a specific amount of time.

Intuitive Pizza Screens
If pizza is what you deliver, you’ll appreciate Restaurant Manager’s unique approach that lets you go with the customer’s flow. No matter how they place their order, split pies or how many times they change their minds – it’s all on one interactive screen: crust, size, toppings, specialty/combo deals.

Efficient Driver Tools
Driver management features allow you to prioritize drivers and track who’s out on delivery with which orders. Multiple deliveries can be assigned to each driver based on similar geographic map codes. And when drivers return to the store you can run automatic settlements on multiple orders or simply process a money drop. Revenue reports for each driver keep accurate tallies of all transactions for accurate cashing out when their shift ends.

Order and Workflow Management
Restaurant Manager DeliveryService allows you to take orders for delivery at any time. Whether the customer calls in the morning for a dinner delivery at 6:00pm or calls in May to arrange a delivery on the fourth of July, the system will store the order and automatically send it to the food prep area to guarantee timely delivery.

Proactive Customer Service and Promotions
The built-in Customer Database allows you to track all your customers with details on everything from driving directions to birthdays and email addresses. You can recall their last order, include them in special frequent buyer programs or print labels for a special mailing to customers who haven’t been in for over three months.

Backoffice Control
You get Restaurant Manager’s total menu, reporting and labor control in a format that guarantees your management decisions will be efficient and timely. In fact, if you’re operating multiple stores or planning to expand soon, Restaurant Manager makes it easy to manage your stores from a central office or even access store data in real time over the Internet.