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  A Powerful System That’s Easy to Use
Over the years, owners and managers have told us exactly what Backoffice control and flexibility they need and want. The ability to customize, link, and automate reports, to change menu options and pricing on the fly, to carefully monitor employee activity – all without an IT expert on staff. Today’s Restaurant Manager™ is the product of feedback from thousands of installations nationwide. As a result, Restaurant Manager offers almost every tracking, analysis and management information tool you can dream up in a format that’s really easy to use.

Even the most basic Restaurant Manager POS system comes with a fully integrated Backoffice that includes utilities for: creating multiple menus and price levels, defining multiple revenue centers and tax rates, and managing customer databases or tracking stock counts.

Employee Tracking
Employees can be assigned multiple jobs and pay rates and must clock into the system to work. This built-in time clock prevents unscheduled log-ins and log-outs and provides data for a variety of reports that track hours, wages and performance in areas such as sales, voids and deletions, and employee meals. Restaurant Manager security features allow you to assign each employee an ID card coded with an individual password and security level. Or you can use fingerprint readers for even greater security. For businesses with a large staff, you can cut the time you spend building the weekly schedule with the Labor Scheduling module.

Flexible, Real-Time Reporting
With over 50 standard report and graph formats, Restaurant Manager makes it easy to get the information you need to effectively manage your business. Many reports are available right at the POS stations. And if you use the Write-On Handheld™ you can view detailed reports from anywhere on the restaurant floor.

All sales and labor data can be viewed and analyzed in real time, empowering management to make fast, well-informed decisions regarding staffing levels, menu prices, and general operations. Graphs and reports can span any time period from a few hours to over multiple years. And flexible report filtering options allow you to analyze a broad range of data or examine the detail of a single employee, cash drawer or menu item. Multi-colored graph formats allow for easy visual analysis of broad trends and detailed audit reports help prevent theft and wastage. And all sales and labor data can be easily exported for use in spreadsheets and other applications.

Seamless POS Integration
This Backoffice Management module integrates seamlessly with all available POS modules, making Restaurant Manager an ideal solution for businesses that offer different types of service. You can change menu items and prices in real time from the Backoffice or right from the POS stations.

System Redundancy
Restaurant Manager’s system redundancy guarantees that your business will never be hampered by a critical hard-drive failure. Mirror your data on a back-up server or use the computer at one of your POS stations to create a fully redundant system.

Off-Site Management
When you use the Restaurant Manager Browser Interface, you can access any individual store in real time over the Internet, and view multiple reports onscreen or even print them locally. The Central Manager enterprise solution allows you to manage multiple stores from a central office with regular downloads of sales and labor statistics and uploads of menu and pricing changes.