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  Nightclubs & Bars
If you run a bar or nightclub, you need a POS system that can keep pace with your fast-moving business and prevent the theft and waste so prevalent in this specialized market. Restaurant Manager™ BarTabs is guaranteed to make service faster and billing more accurate. And since it's built on the Restaurant Manager platform, it integrates seamlessly with other environments like table service or carry-out.

All it takes is a quick swipe of the customer's credit card to start a tab that will show the customer's name on the order button and the account number on the settlement screen. You can even do an instant pre-auth on the card so there are no problems when it comes time to settle the tab.

Billing is made more accurate with automatic drink minimums and cover charges. If you use Restaurant Manager's Video Tracking system you can further guarantee accuracy by monitoring an overlay of the check on a live video image of key POS stations.

Servers can easily transfer tabs to tables in the dining room and transfer all their open orders to another server. With the proper password, bartenders can even add a new drink to the menu right from the POS station. This accommodates special orders in a way that keeps sales and inventory reports 100% accurate.

The Restaurant Manager Accounts Module lets you invoice regular customers for the tabs they run up over weeks and months. And it makes the sales and redemption of gift certificates a snap.

Backoffice Control
The full power of Restaurant Manager's backoffice menu, reporting and labor control backs up the BarTabs point-of-sale functionality. Monitor profit margins and performance stats and make timely, informed decisions with Restaurant Manager on the job.