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We have been one the areas largest distributors of hardware, software and computer systems for more than a decade!






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  Home Builder's Automated Sales Tool

Partnered with KaiSoft(R), TechMark is please to present Home Builders with the Ultimate Automated Sales Tool, Pristine 2.0. Unlike any other software management tool, Pristine Client and Pristine Registrar work together to automate the entire sales management process for the Home Builder. Enticing images detail floor plans, color selections, model selection and more. In addition, with each selection made Pristine 2.0 generates an estimated monthly payment for the prospective buyer including State and Local taxes, title fees, and more. Pristine 2.0 generates contracts at the touch of a button. Loaded with great features, Pristine 2.0 is THE Ultimate in home automated sales solutions.

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Dentists & Orthodontists

TechMark is the area's leading IT service company for Dentists and Orthodontists. Specializing in Orthodontists, our technical support staff is trained and experienced with Orthotrac, Practiceworks Imaging, Dolphin, GAC, and more. We are highly experienced in supporting secure high speed data communications for multiple offices as well as remote access to customer data and images from home.

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TechMark is an Authorized OEM of Microsoft. When it comes to genuine product, expert recommendations, and distinct technical knowledge, our staff excels at bringing you the best support and service possible. From Operating Systems to Enterprise software, our staff is here to help guide you. We offer Sales, Support,  and Installation for ALL of your Microsoft needs.

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CRM Customer Resource Management Applications

Running a business can be a daunting task without the proper tools. When your business requires tools to manage Inventory management, Payroll, Invoicing, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivables we have the application for you. Our staff is qualified to recommend, implement, and support the solution ideal for your business. For more information, please contact a specialist at (410) 987-5667.

Commercial Software Packages

TechMark helps people daily with professional advice and products from many of the industry's leading manufacturers. From Anti-Virus to Firewalls, from Business Productivity to just plain old fun, TechMark can help you make the most of your software purchase.   

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